Monday, November 23, 2009

UT vs. Aggies

The Longhorn vs. Aggie rivalry is a strong one in the great state of Texas. For many years it was played on Thanksgiving Day. It then moved to Friday after Thanksgiving but thankfully it is back on Thanksgiving Day. This game is one of those that it does not matter what each of the school's record is, the teams should be prepared.

When I was growing up, it was a fairly lopsided series with the Longhorns being the one that usually won. We had some great friends that were Aggies. They always went to the game from Austin when it was played in Aggieland. One year my family along with another couple of families went in and decorated the Aggie family yard like it was a graveyard. UT, of course, won and our friends got to come home to the decorated yard. I think it added to their misery.

Ten years ago, the rivalry went a bit out of the game when both schools mourned the victims of bonfire at A&M. I was proud to be a Longhorn as there was a memorial at UT for the victims. I do think now that it has been 10 years, the rivalry is back and it will be a fun game this Turkey Day! Hook 'Em!

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