Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Development of a UT Football Fanatic, Part 3

December 6th, 1969 was an exciting day that I eagerly awaited all week. That morning I put on my UT James Street jersey and believe it or not, I had burnt orange jeans. I was ready for the game. It was played in Fayettville, Arkansas to a packed house. The Razorback fans all had their hog hats on and there were a good amount of Longhorn loyals there as was the Longhorn Band (Showband of the Southwest).

We had some family friends over to watch the game and plenty of food. We all watched intently on the game. At the end of 3 quarters, the game was not going well for the Longhorns as they were down 0-14. UT scored on the first play of the fourth quarter and then went for 2 and the game was now 8-14. Time was down to less than 5 minutes in the fourth and Texas made an unbelievable play. It was 4th and 3 on the 43. Texas called a timeout and Street went over to talk to Coach Royal. Royal called a pass play that they had only run 4 times all season and none had worked. The receiver chosen was not even the most dependable receiver.

Street goes back into the huddle and calls the play to pass to Peschel. Royal called the play based on what the Arkansas defense had been doing all game on big 3rd down plays. Royal played a hunch and guess what, it worked. Street threw a perfect pass, Peschel caught it and brought the ball to the 13 yard line. 2 plays later Bertelsen scored to tie it 14-14. Happy Feller kicked the extra point to make it 15-14 with 3:58 to play. Come back to hear the rest of the story.

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