Thursday, November 11, 2010

UT Season Slide

The last time I blogged, it was just before the kickoff of the 2010 season. I had such high hopes for the season. As I wrote in that blog, the recruits that UT gets are so highly touted that I see no reasons for bad seasons. I can understand mediocre seasons but not a season like we are experiencing now. At this point, the Horns are 4-5 with 3 games left. At this point, there is a strong possibility the Horns will not even be bowl eligible.

To be bowl eligible, the Horns would have to win 2 of the 3 remaining games. That is a tall order. The remaining games are against Oklahoma State, Florida Atlantic and Texas A&M. Oklahoma State is going to be tough. They are now in first the Big 12 South. Florida Atlantic is a wild card and they have given the Horns trouble before. The A&M game is always tough depite the records of the teams. It is on Thanksgiving night. It is in Austin but lately that has not been much of an advantage.

To get a similar record, you have to go back to 1996 (8-5) & 1997 (4-7) when Horns were coached by John Mackovic. He was fired after the 1997 season. The only terrible season under Mack Brown's watch is the 1999 season when the team went 9-5. From 2001 - 2009, the Horns had at least 10 wins. There were "rebuilding" seasons during that time but they never performed this poorly. Next I will blog on what I think is up.

Hook 'Em!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Closer to Football Season & Predictions

Well, we are down to 15 days to kickoff! UT kicks off against Rice in Reliant Stadium at 2:30 September 4th. I am so excited! I also recently received something from Coach Brown that will be a very special keepsake the rest of my life. A great friend of mine got Mack to write me a letter in honor of my 50th birthday. It was an awesome letter and it was amazing how much he "knew" about me! I was so appreciative of my friend going to the effort to get it and frame it and also equally appreciative to Coach Brown for taking the time to write it! Now I am ready for some football.

UT has a rebuilding team this year but thanks to awesome recruiting by Coach Brown, they should be well covered with talent on both sides of the line. I just read an article that indicated that the defensive backfield may be the best in the Big 12 if not the country. They will be lead by junior Aaron Williams. Aaron is from McNeill Round Rock, TX. He is a 2nd year letterman and is 6'1" - 195 pounds and is ready to fill the shoes of of defensive backfield star Earl Thomas. He is touted as NFL material.

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be looking at different parts of the team and highlighting a player. I will also take a look at some of the other teams UT plays this fall. Hook 'Em!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Well, it is that time again. Football season is around the corner. UT kicks off in 31 days. They place Rice at Reliant Stadium at 2:30. I am so excited that we are this close. UT has lots of positive things on their side after losing to Bama in the BCS Championship game.

First great thing is that our new quarterback Garrett Gilbert looked pretty good for freshman in the Bama game. He gained unbelievable experience playing on that stage. That stage will make the OU game seem trivial. Now I am not saying he should not get excited about the OU game but he played on the biggest stage of all and did not have a terrible experience. He almost won!

Another positive thing for this season is that UT gets Tech out of the way in September. That will help the October schedule and they will get an early test. Usually they are never tested in September. They also get another September test with UCLA. I am not sure what UCLA has to offer this year but at least they have been powers before.

OU is in early October and it is followed up by Nebraska. That should be a tough couple of weeks. UT has to play Nebraska in Nebraska. I am sure there will be a lot of scores to settle with the departure of Nebraska from the Big 12. As usual they end the season with A&M in Austin on Thanksgiving Day.

Can not wait for September 4th to get here. Check back for regular updates.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Recruiting for the following Classes

Mack Brown is one of the best recruiters in my opinion. The class he just signed (seniors in high school) was recognized as the second best in the county. The best class was deemed Florida's class of recruits. That is amazing to me that a kid is willing to take a gamble at Florida given all of the uncertainty there with the coach having health issues.

UT got some very impressive players for the fall. Colt's younger brother is going to be on the team as is Jordan Shipley's brother. I hope they have the same chemistry that their older brothers had. The also got a great player from Plano that was heavily recruited. His name is Jackson Jeffcoat and he is a defensive end. DeMarco Cobbs is considered by the experts to make an impact in the fall. He plays defensive back.

I am already looking forward to the fall. As I told someone the other day, I am always hopeful when a new season comes around.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to Blogging & Super Bowl

It has been a bit since I last blogged. My last entry was done the day of the BCS Championship game. As you may know, the game did not turn out in favor of my Longhorns. I have to say, the last thing I ever thought about happening that night, was that our star quarterback would get hurt on the first UT possession and was out for the game. It was such a disheartening game in a way but once I got over the disappointment, I realized it provided a lot of hope for the future.

The freshman QB Garrett Gilbert played an great game, especially given that he is a true freshman and had very little playing time. He almost brought them back. He is going to be a great player I think.

As for my thoughts on the Super Bowl tonight, I am pulling for the Saints all the way. The quarterback for the Saints is Drew Brees. He graduated from the same high school I did (many years before him). He led the Austin Westlake Chaparrals to their only state championship in '96. He then went on to Purdue and had a successful career there. San Diego drafted him first in the second round in 2001. He then went to the Saints in 2006 and had a very successful career there. It will be great for the city of New Orleans given the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. Living in Houston, we know what hurricanes can do and we had many from New Orleans come here as a result of Katrina. Geaux Saints for the Who Dat Nation!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Basics of Football for Women - Part 4

This blog today will focus on the main penalties you will see in a college football game. The people on the field wearing black & white striped shirts are the officials and they are the ones that can call the penalties. They can call penalties against the offense or defense. Below are the common penalties:

Delay of game - the play clock will start and the offense has 25 seconds to get the play started by snapping the ball. If they fail to do so, there is a 5 yard penalty.

Offsides - a defensive play crossed the line of scrimmage (where the ball is sitting) and made contact with an offensive player or did not get back behind the line of scrimmage. This is also a 5 yard penalty.

Illegal procedure - an offensive lineman moved before play started or a receiver who was in motion did not move parallel with the line of scrimmage. This is a 5 yard penalty.

Holding - an offensive lineman used his hands while blocking. This is a 10 yard penalty.

Facemask - this is where a player tries to tackle someone by yanking on the facemask of the helmet. This is a 5 yard penalty if accidental and 15 yards if it is flagrant.

Unsportsman-Like Conduct - this says it all and is a 15 yard penalty

Clipping, Chop Block & Illegal Block - this is a block that occurs from the back. This is a 10 yard penalty

Unnecessary Roughness, Roughing the Passer & Roughing the Kicker - tackling someone after they no longer have the ball. This is a 15 yard penalty.

These are some of the penalties. If a penalty is called on a team, the other team can accept or decline the penalty. Usually the penalty is stepped off from the original line of scrimmage. There are exceptions and that is a topic for another day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Basics of Football for Women - Part 3

The last blog posted, I indicated that I would explain how a coach decides when to punt the ball on 4th down or run a play. The coach will look at several factors. The first how many yards does the offense need to get the first down. If they have 10 yards to go, most likely they will punt unless it is close to the end of the game and they are behind. If time is about to run out and they are behind in points, they will run a play as there is not much to lose. If the offense has 1 yard or less, they might go for it depending on where they are on the field. The issue with this decision is that if the offense does not make it on 4th down when a play is run, the offense turns it over to the other team where the offense finished the play.
A coach might also choose to fake a punt. The offense lines up like they are going to punt the ball and then run a play. The consequences are the same not making the yardage. It is the same as running a play on 4th down.
Tomorrow's post will be about penalties. This will get you to the point of being able to watch the BCS Championship game with a bit more knowledge. Maybe it will make it more fun to watch.