Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Bowl Games

When I was a kid, we would get very excited about New Years Day because that was the day the big bowl games were played. There were a few bowl games the week leading up to New Years Day. Now, with over 30 bowl games, they go into the first week of the New Year. It makes the New Years bowl watching not such a big deal.

I am very excited this year about the bowl experience as UT will be playing in the biggest bowl game. UT (#2) plays Alabama (#1) for the first time since 1982. UT won that game 14-12. This year's game takes on new meaning for our family. In our almost 22 years of marriage, Steve's Alabama team will take on my Longhorns for the National Championship. We are both very passionate supporters of our team. It should be an interesting week in our house. Our son has decided to remain neutral.

I am thinking of blogging on college football from a woman's perspective. What do you think?