Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Basics of Football for Women - Part 2

I'll explain some more terminology today. At each end of the field of play are the end zones. This is where the teams can score touchdown points. The offense comes down the field with running and passing plays and their goal is to get in the end zone and score a touchdown. A touchdown is when the ball crosses the plane of the end zone while in possession of the offensive player. The player does not have to cross the plane of the end zone. The team is awarded 6 points for this type of score. If a team does not get in the end zone and they are close enough, the offense may elect to kick a field goal. In a field goal, the kicker attempts to kick the ball through the goal posts which are sitting at the back of the end zone. If he is successful, the offensive team gets 3 points.

If a team gets a touchdown, they get the opportunity for extra points. They can attempt to kick the ball through the goal posts and if successful, the team gets 1 point. They can also go for a 2 point attempt by executing a play. If they get into the end zone during this, they are given 2 points.

Once a team scores points, they will then kick to the other team and the other team gets an attempt to go down the field and score. As I stated in Part 1, there are 4 - 15 minute quarters plus halftime. Teams are given 3 timeouts per half. The clock stops in college for the following situations: timeout, incomplete pass, penalties, play reviews and injuries. The clock will also be stopped if a team gets a first down (gets the 10 yards or more within 4 attempts) to move the markers but then restarts upon the markers being placed.

Part 3 will discuss how a team decides to punt the ball on 4th down or run a play. I will also explain common penalties.

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